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Back Massage Definition

Back massage is any type of massage performed on a person’s back by a top back massager. The back of the human torso from just above the hips to just below the neck is called the back.


From the fifth lumbar vertebrae (L5) to the first thoracic vertebrae (T1), the vertebral column extends across the middle of the back. After passing through the neck and into the cervical region of the spine, the vertebral column continues.

Types of Back Massages According to Portion

There are 2 types of back massage according to the portion namely:

1. Upper Back Massage

Upper back massage is massaged by circling the middle and upper muscles around the spine with 10 fingers. It basically brings back relaxation by relaxing muscles and improving blood circulation. Advanced techniques used in this massage are acupressure, friction, myofascial release, and skin rolling.

2. Lower Back Massage

Lower back massage is massaged by circling the middle and lower muscles around the spine with 10 fingers. It primarily works to increase the range of motion by relieving muscle tension.


As a result, the temperature of the muscles increases, increasing the elasticity and flexibility of the tissue around the joint, which relieves muscle tension.

Why is Back Massage so Important?

The back is a part of the body that bears a lot of stress and tension. There are many people who do extra work, sports, exercise, continuous sitting or standing work and have extra stress every day. As a result back pain or discomfort is felt.


Basically, it is then that the importance of back massage is understood for relaxation of the body, relief of stress and pain or to bring oneself back to a comfortable position.

What Are the Benefits of Back Massage?

  • Helps in reducing stiffness
  • Relaxes back muscles
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Relieves back pain
  • Back muscles are restructured
  • Helps relieve headache
  • Sedatives increase anxiety
  • Reduces depression
  • Prevents poor sitting posture

What Type of Back Massage is Right for You?

There are different types of back massage. Although all back massages are great for targeting specific areas that cause pain or discomfort. Back massage services are:


  1. Oil massage for back pain
  2. Hot massage for back pain
  3. Deep tissue back massage
  4. Back massage therapy
  5. Swedish back massage
  6. Sports back massage
  7. Women back massage
  8. Pregnancy back massage


Always detail your pain or discomfort frankly to our skilled and experienced back massagers. If you are able to take the extra pressure, it is possible to relax it with the therapist’s extra pressure.


Apart from this, sports, remedial, and oil massage for back pain are extremely effective. Although sports massage is primarily for those who participate in sports or exercise, it can also provide back pain relief and relaxation. Let a back massage be your way to relax at the end of the day.


A back massage not only relaxes you but also keeps you safe from the harmful side effects of various painkillers or antibiotic medications.


So always say no to medicine and visit a trained therapist or a professional back massager.  Stay well, stay healthy.


Schedule a back massage in Gulshan Thai Spa today.

What is a Shoulder Massage?

Simply put, a shoulder massage is massaging the muscles located around the shoulder area. These muscles are mainly made up of trapezius, rhomboid, and rotator cuff. A back shoulder massage is performed using a variety of techniques that are helpful in relieving stiffness and pain.


It also helps to increase the temperature of the shoulder muscles by increasing blood circulation. As a result, relaxation is restored to the shoulder, and pain is alleviated. Gulshan Thai Spa has the best shoulder massages and therapists who can soothe your shoulder stress, tension, and pain with a magical massage.

What Techniques Are Used in Shoulder Massages?

A variety of techniques are used during a shoulder massage including the following 5 techniques:

1.  Acupressure

This technique involves using the tips of the thumbs on trigger points and muscle knots. As a result, blood flow to the muscles increases and relaxes the muscles, relieving pain.

2. Kneading

While using this technique the muscles are knotted using fists. Intermittent pressure and tension on the soft tissues create friction that increases muscle temperature and increases elasticity. As a result, muscle pain is relieved, and stiffness and tension are reduced.

3. Effleurage

Effleurage is another technique in shoulder massage that is performed with flat hands and fingers. Likewise, it also helps increase muscle temperature and increases blood circulation.  The result is a feeling of relaxation, relieving shoulder pressure and pain.

4. Skin Rolling

One of the most effective shoulder massage techniques is skin rolling. This technique basically involves lifting the skin and rolling it between the fingers and thumbs. It prevents muscle stress and tension by increasing blood and lymph flow.

5. Trigger Pointing

Undoubtedly, this is a magical trick. Because the effectiveness of trigger pointing during shoulder massage is incredible. It is found mainly in the space between the muscle fibers.


In an ongoing ischemic process over the soft tissue, pressure is released and blood flow to the area increases. As a result, the muscles are able to receive nutrients and oxygen which keeps the muscles healthy. It is also known as a frozen shoulder massage technique.

6. Swedish Massage

The specialty of this massage is that it consists of soft strokes on delicate parts of the body and rough strokes on hard parts of the body. In particular, it is recognized as one of the techniques in frozen shoulder massage. It is quite popular among people suffering from frozen shoulders because of its ability to reduce stress. A Swedish massage usually takes 60-90 minutes.

What Are the Shoulder Massage Benefits?

You can get many benefits through shoulder massage. Actual Benefit of Shoulder Massage:


  • Reduces pain
  • Helps in better circulation
  • Prevents injury
  • Helps in better posture
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps soften muscles

Final Words

A shoulder massage is very important for wellness. These massage techniques such as acupressure, effleurage and skin rolling, and Swedish massage for frozen shoulder or trigger pointing are all scientifically proven. Using these techniques increases blood and lymph flow, increases temperature, maintains muscle relaxation, and brings ultimate relaxation.